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Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a fun little app that helps find identify everything from artwork to snacks using the camera from your Android phone. Say you want to search for something, but don’t necessarily know the correct term to put into Google to search. Just take a photo of it and this free app will find it for you.

If you see a painting you like, just snap a shot of it and Google Goggles will find it for you.

Scan a barcode to get more information about a product.

It can even identify famous landmarks and give you more information and directions about them.

Take a shot of sign in a foreign language and Google Goggles will translate for you.

It can also recognize books, CDs and DVDs on site and get you more information or find you similar products.

You can share your search results with friends.

This app will even help you cheat at Sudoku puzzles.

 You can download this app for free in the Google Play Store by clicking here. [1]

~ Cynthia