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Google Maps – Webcams!

I’m taking a trip down south here in a couple weeks, so (like I always do) I went to Google Maps to have a gander at where I’ll be going. Thankfully, Google is always surprising me, and while sifting through the various map filters I stumbled across a new one on me – webcams!

We’ve covered live webcam streams before, you know – check out these Cool Sites! [1]

So, here’s what you do to see them for yourself:

Within Google Maps, first type in the location you want to check for webcams at (a major city is preferable, as smaller burgs don’t typically have too many streaming webcams). I put in Miami, because I’ll be going there for a day or two.

Now, off to the right, click the down arrow and make sure Webcams has a check mark next to it. 


This will tell Google Maps to display locations that have streaming webcams. Just click on an icon and the cam will show you what’s happening right now.* 


Check out the beaches! Look at the action on the streets! You can almost smell the air!

You can also click on the webcam picture and it will shuffle you to Webcams.travel, where you can find even more webcams!

Happy trails!


*Note: some webcams refresh quickly, while others take hours. Please, keep this in mind as you browse.