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Google Maps

I know we’ve brought you map sites before, but now I’ve found one that is so useful you’ll have to bookmark it. I’ve already used it about a dozen times to find places I need to go to or just places I want to check out.

Not only is it useful, but it is easy to use too. I highly recommend that you take the tour located at the bottom of the page. You’ll find the “Take a Tour link” under the Get Directions area on the side.

These maps have great zoom capability, are draggable (just click the map with your mouse and move in the direction you desire, the map moves with your mouse), and make getting to and from places as easy as if you were looking at a street map.

To get directions somewhere type in (under the Get Directions title) the search box where you want to go and where you are leaving from such as, Directions to Cleveland from Toledo, Ohio. Type In: “Toledo to Cleveland” and then click “Search”.

This then brings up the route on the map as well as giving you driving directions on the side of the map. You will notice it gives you how long the drive is, as well as the option to get reverse directions so you can get home. Clicking the linked numbers in the directions gives you bullets on the map. These bullets are zoomed in to street level so you can tell before you drive it how the road is going to go. With tricky roads that is a real bonus!

This site is a real keeper! Bookmark it today!

http://maps.google.com [1]