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Google Newsstand Brings News & Magazines Together

Google is bringing together all of your news and magazine apps in one place called the Google Play Newsstand. The Newsstand replaces the Google Currents app and Play Magazines and combines them into one.  The section of the Play store where you shop for magazine and news subscriptions has also been renamed Newsstand.

Amazon and Apple already feature similar stores. The idea is to combine free and paid subscription content in one convenient place.  When you purchase a magazine or newspaper subscription in the Newsstand section of the Play store, you are giving the option of adding the  content to Newsstand app.


If you have an app for a newspaper or magazine, it will still function as a standalone app, but you will also have the option to add it to the Newsstand. When you open the Newsstand app, you’ll see the Read Now section which features materials based on your subscriptions and your past reading habits. As you read more material in the app, Google will learn your reading habits and attempt to showcase articles it believes you will find interesting.

 You can also choose My News or My Magazines.


Here’s a list of Google’s suggested reading and some that I’ve added to the list myself.


If you wish to read a particular article later, you can bookmark with one tap on the bookmark icon.


Then find it easily later by looking under bookmarks.


Any Google Currents subscriptions will automatically transfer to Newsstand. Right now Newsstand is only available for Android devices, but expect to see an iOS version sometime next year.

~ Cynthia