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Google Pac-Man

It’s time for today’s history lesson.

1980Pac-Man is introduced, and becomes the most popular and profitable video game of its time.


1981Ms. Pac-Man arrives on the scene, chewing her way through a maze similar to that of her predecessor, while acquiring a substantial following of her own.


1981-2010 – Video games become more complex and incorporate graphics only dreamed of during the early days. They also abandon arcades in favor of television and computer screens.

2010 – Google celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man by replacing their signature Google logo with a fully functional Pac-Man game; the Google name substituting for the original maze. Navigating this maze is accomplished by using the arrow keys on a computer keyboard.


Then it disappears…or does it? As it turns out, the Google version is still out there.

Just click here [1], and tap the Insert Coin button to start the game.

Or, if you’re ambidextrous, have a partner, or are just much more coordinated than I am, tap the Insert Coin button twice to add Ms. Pac-Man to the maze. Her navigation controls are the W, A, S, and D keys.

So, your assignment is to turn off the phone, fire up the computer, and gobble some dots.


Class dismissed.