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Google Pack

Can you give me any information about the Google Pack?

I sure can! This is actually pretty cool, so I’m really glad you asked about it. If you’re an avid Google user, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. Basically, the Google Pack is a collection of essential Google software that you can download for absolutely no cost. It’s a compilation of the software that Google feels is most important for its users to have on their computers. Interested? Want to know what all it includes? Then keep on reading!

Below is a list, along with a brief description of each program, that the Google Pack includes.

1.) Google Earth – We have talked about this one before in our newsletters. It is a 3D Earth browser that you can use for maps, driving directions, hotels, restaurants and any other thing you may be looking for. You can also use it to zoom into street levels of certain places. It’s sort of like a tour of the world, if you really think about it.

2.) Google Desktop – This is Google’s version of the ultimate computer desktop companion. With this, you can keep all your e-mails, files, Web histories and so much more all in one place. You can personalize it to fit your needs, which makes it so handy.

3.) Picasa – We’ve also talked about this one before in our newsletters. This is a photo organizer that you can use to store, share and edit your photos with. It’s amazing what this program can do for you and your pictures.

4.) Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer – If you use IE, you’ll love this toolbar. It includes the whole nine yards when it comes to toolbar needs. You can search, bookmark, block pop ups and so much more right from this toolbar. It’s like your very own sidekick on your PC.

5.) Google Pack Screensaver – Along with all of the above mentioned, you get an awesome screensaver to call your own. This isn’t just any screensaver either. It is a photo saver that you can fill up with your own photos. You can either put your pictures into a collage for a slideshow or let the full sized ones be the stars of the show. Either way, it’s a very cool accessory for any computer.

Now, as if all that weren’t enough, there’s more that comes with the Google Pack! You can also get a Firefox Google toolbar (just like the one for IE), you can get the Norton Antivirus utility (a six month subscription), enjoy the AdAware SE Personal antispyware utility and get the Adobe Reader 7 program. Also, you can include Google Talk, Google Video Player, RealPlayer, GalleryPlayer HD Images and Skype as additional options to your pack.

All you have to do to get the Google Pack is download it. Visit this Web site and get started now! Just click on the “Download Google Pack” link and your download will start. Now, what if you have some of the software that’s included already on your computer? No problem! Google will be able to recognize that and they will only download any newer versions of the programs you already have. There’s an option to remove some of the software if you really don’t want it too, so you don’t have to worry about getting something you truly don’t want.

If you’d like to read more about any of the software before you do the download, just click on the “Learn More” links after each program listing. This way, you’ll know for sure what you’re putting onto your computer. The Google Pack is a great deal (remember, it’s free!) and it’s just an easy way to enjoy some of the most prominent software available online today. You do have to have Windows XP on your computer to be able to enjoy all that Google Pack offers, as well as, Internet Explorer 6.0 and above or Firefox 1.0 or higher.

Now, how does all that sound to you? I thought you might like it. Download it today and start enjoying all the benefits of these great programs from Google!

~ Erin