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Google Realtime

Whether it’s Google making it so results are displayed as we type them in, or some other web-innovation, we all know that the way information is displayed on the web is constantly changing.

That’s what makes Google Realtime so cool.

Google Realtime is basically an automatically updating newsfeed that displays the latest results on a given topic. It gathers its results from various social media websites (like Twitter, Facebook and more) and presents them to you without the need to keep searching. It’s cool, because Realtime not only shows you the web’s train of thought, but clues you into news – sometimes as it’s happening!

Here’s the skinny:

Browse over to Google.com and click on More, located at the top. You’ll see Realtimeclick it.

At the Google Realtime page, type in something you want to keep tabs on in the Search Box. I chose New York Blizzard 2010, because it’s topical. Now click Search.

The results will pop up on the next page. Pay attention to the feed results, because new ones will be appearing on a fairly regular basis. If you see one you like, click its link.

P.S. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see location options, enabling you to see what people are saying about your selected search topic in other parts of the world. You can choose Anywhere (offering the most results), Nearby (using your Google location) or Custom Search (just type in a location and search).

How unbelievably cool!