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Google Search: A Different Perspective


In the digital universe, Easter eggs are hidden messages or tricky devices–often humorous–that are generally revealed by a series of keystrokes, or by typing a particular word or phrase. These cryptic novelties can be found in games or other applications, but their creation is also a frequent diversion for the developers at Google.

Here’s a couple that will take your browser window in new directions. Enjoy.

On the computer, in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or on an iPhone (so I’m told), or on at least some Android devices, go to http://www.google.com [1]. Once there, type either the word tilt, or the word askew, and tap the Enter key or the search button.



Or, if searching from that angle doesn’t appeal to you, try typing the phrase, do a barrel roll for a different spin on Google search.


Note: This won’t work in Internet Explorer.