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Google+ Sign-In – How It Works

Google has introduced Google+ Sign-In, which the company promises is “simple and secure, minus the social spam.”

If you sign in to Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, you can use your credentials to sign in to outside apps. The system is designed to work for Android, iOS or websites.


Facebook already permits you to do this with many apps and sites, but Google says their service will be better and offer less chance of spam. They promise that app activity will only appear when it’s relevant and that you will have complete control over who sees it.



Google also promises a “new kind of interactive.” If you share a song or a product and your friends choose to click on it, they’ll go inside the app where they’ll have the opportunity to buy that song or product.



Google is inviting app developers to start adding the features and offering examples of sites like Flixster, USA Today and TuneIn that are already offering the feature.

~ Cynthia