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Google Talk Update

Google Talk Update

One of the most favored and new IM clients available today has just become even cooler! Yes, I am talking about Google Talk. (Click here to read the other article I wrote about this and then continue to read about its updates). Plain and simple, Google listens to its users. Since many, many people all over the world were requesting for some new features, Google has complied. A new version of Google Talk has just been released, which includes more value added features that most of you will simply love.

The first feature they added is the much needed file transfer option. Now you can transfer files from the chat window itself. If you are sending an image over the chatline, the recipient can preview how it looks in the chat window right away. If you send other file types, they can be opened by clicking on the link in the chat window. This will open them up in their default application (such as a Word document). There’s absolutely no restriction on file sizes or file types. Also, by using Ctrl + a click, you can send more than one file at a time.

Sometimes you want to talk to a friend, only to find that they are not online or that they are busy. You simply must inform them of something right away, so what do you do? Usually, you would e-mail them, but now you have the option of leaving them a voicemail. Once they log onto Google Talk, they can listen to your message. The voicemail lets you ramble up to 10 minutes. How cool is that?!

Just click on the “Send Voicemail” option and start recording your voicemail. If they are online and busy, you can just call them and Google Talk will activate the voicemail after four rings. The recipient can retrieve the voicemail at any time from the Google servers.

The third new option Google has added is the ability to change your Google Talk status according to the music you are listening to. Everyone gets bored with the available or busy default status messages that Google provides and this is certainly a relief from that monotony. Google currently supports Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes and the Yahoo! Music Engine. Using any of these players will change your status to the song that you are listening to.

For those who don’t know, Google also lets you change the theme of the chat window. Google Talk has a few very simple, yet appealing chat themes built in, which you can access by clicking Settings, Appearance, Chat Theme.

Similarly, you can also put a picture on your Google Talk profile. You can either use one of your own pictures from your hard drive or use a default one provided by Google. With this subtle way of expanding itself, Google Talk is fast becoming a bigger player in the market. Also, with its VoIP capabilities beating even the best paid service online, it will take a huge leap from the other IM players to beat this one. So, if you aren’t a Google Talk convert yet, I urge you to go give this a spin and see the difference. Behold everyone! The dark ages are over!

Check out the new Google Talk here.

~ Yogesh Bakshi