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Google Translator: Translate Web Pages Without Leaving The Page

Carol from Florida writes:

Hello, is there an in-browser tool to use to translate a whole web page without going somewhere else?

Hi Carol,

The Google Toolbar provides a one-click translation of web pages. All you have to do is install Google Toolbar and click the Translate button whenever you want to translate the web page. Numerous languages are supported. Now, that you know the overview, let’s get into the details:

Before I show you how to install and use the Google Toolbar, let’s get the prerequisites out of the way. Since Google Toolbar is an in-browser toolbar, some browsers may not be supported. The most common ones, such as Firefox 2.0 to Firefox 4.0, are supported. If the browser is not supported, however, Google typically directs you to a page that has the Translate add-on for your browser.

Download Google Toolbar

To download the Google Toolbar, perform the following steps:

1) In your web browser, go to http://www.google.com/toolbar/ff/index.html.

2) Click the Download Toolbar button.

Google Toolbar is Used to Translate Web Pages

3) Read the terms and conditions and then click the Accept and Download button.

Click Accept and Continue to download Google Toolbar

4) After the toolbar is installed, you’ll be asked to restart the browser and the Google Toolbar will be visible.

The Google Toolbar

Using the Translate Feature of Google Toolbar

To use the translate feature, go to the web page that you want to translate. Then, click the Translate button on the Google Toolbar.

Translate Button in Google Toolbar

You’ll notice the page has been translated for you.

~Rupen Sharma