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Google Trends

Are you curious to know what’s “hot” right now? Do you want to see what the web is “a-buzz” over? Yahoo! users already have a little box right on their front page that tells them what people are searching for, but once again, as always, Google had to go and one-up them!

It’s called Google Trends, and here’s how to access it:

First, browse over to Google.com, and in the upper part of the screen, click more, then even more>>.


On the next page, scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see Trends – click on it.


Now, here’s where it gets cool. Like Yahoo!, Trends shows you what current topics are popular at the moment, but if you put in a search term and hit “Search Trends” you’ll see this:


Yep, it’s a graph that shows not only the height of popularity regarding your search term, but also any news stories associated with it! Try imputing a bunch of different stuff and see what you come up with!

How fun!