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Google’s Image Search

Google’s Image Search

Recently, the world’s most popular search engine, Google, made a slight, but innovative change to its image search method. Now, as we all know, the Google image search is a great way to find images of virtually anything, whether it’s a snowstorm in Alaska or the picture of your favorite singer. However, a lot of times when you search for a person, you are presented with a lot of unnecessary images. Those are also usually connected to the search query in really remote ways, so they’re not very helpful.

For instance, I once searched for a picture of Marlon Brando and found a picture of a dog in the top ten results. What happened was, the owner of the dog had put the dog’s picture up on the Internet and the dog’s name happened to be Marlon Brando. As funny as this sounds, Google has found a way to eliminate such tragic comic moments from our search process. It’s about time!

This new feature brings up images, which only contain the face of the person that is searched for. For example, let’s do a search for Marlon Brando. All sorts of results come up, including an image of the horoscope for Marlon Brando.

However, if you go to the address bar and paste the code of “&imgtype=face” at the end of the URL, Google will only bring up images with faces. Hence, in this case, we will only see images with Marlon Brando’s face on them. Yes!

So, again the process is that you go to the Google image search and search for the person you want a picture of. Once the results come up, paste “&imgtype=face” (without the quotes) at the end of the URL.

Is that cool or what? Either way, this sure does save a lot of time and it gets us to our desired results much faster. Give this a spin today!

~ Yogesh Bakshi