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Got Lots Of Videos? Handbrake Helps You Convert Them

If you’re anything like me, over the years you’ve probably acquired videos in multiple digital formats depending on the device they were recorded with. Have you ever wanted to edit those clips together, maybe to make a DVD for the family or upload to a site and discovered the formats didn’t get along? Or have you tired to play a video file someone sent to you that refused to open?

There’s a free download that can help you with that. Handbrake allows you to convert nearly any video format to the file type you need, and like I said, it is 100% free. You can’t beat that price.

With Handbrake, you’ll be able to convert video to mobile-friendly formats that you can watch on your tablet or import video from DVDs (as long at that video isn’t copy-protected.)

Best of all it’s available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems and it works with the latest versions of OS and Windows.

You can take in video from most common video files and DVDs and output files as MP4, .MKV, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 among others.

There are pre-set profiles optimized for the most common devices or the more technically-minded can create custom profiles.

And if you have questions, there are user forums [1] where you can search for help.  You can download HandBrake for free by clicking here. [2]

~ Cynthia