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Government Wants Texting, Mapping, Internet Disabled In Cars

Your in-vehicle electronics could get you killed – that’s why U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants auto makers to come up with a way to disable in-vehicle devices while cars are moving.

The guidelines ask manufacturers to disable in-vehicle electronic devices that read text messages, display text of more than 30 characters, play video and even many GPS functions, like being able to manually input an address and get directions to that location. 

The government would like all of these functions to shut down when the car is moving.  The voluntary guidelines ask that all devices only require the use of one hand and that the driver’s eyes should not have to leave the road for more than two seconds. The proposed 2013 Federal budges includes $330 million over six years for distracted driving programs.

“Distracted driving is a dangerous and deadly habit on America’s roadways – that’s why I’ve made it a priority to encourage people to stay focused behind the wheel,” said Secretary LaHood. “These guidelines are a major step forward in identifying real solutions to tackle the issue of distracted driving for drivers of all ages.”

Phase two of the proposed guidelines will address devices such as phones or tablets that people bring into vehicles and Phase 3 will tackle voice-activated controls.

~ Cynthia