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Gozi Trojan

Gozi Trojan

A new Trojan has recently surfaced among several computer users and it’s important that you keep an eye out for it as well. This one goes by the name of Gozi and it was announced around the date of March 20, 2007. The problems with the Gozi Trojan are actually being caused by Russian malware authors. Evidently, they have found new ways to access and profit from what is supposed to be safe SSL/TLS data.

The hackers are able to steal SSL data by using an advanced Winsock2 functionality and a new Trojan code. The Gozi Trojan works to basically collect sensitive data, including information from online purchases, financial accounts, healthcare accounts, etc. This Trojan is also said to have mostly exploited the Internet Explorer Web browser, but it’s always possible that it has moved to others as well.

While this threat has hit some home computer users, it has mostly been found through accounts with top financial, retail, healthcare and government services. Also, there is an active law enforcement investigation taking place right now in regards to the Gozi Trojan, so there are many people working to nip this thing in the bud. Now, just because I told you all of this, please don’t panic. If you’re running an antivirus program on your computer, you should be just fine. If you run your scans frequently, you will be safe. I only wrote this tip so you all would have some basic information about this Trojan. That’s better than nothing, right?!

~ Erin