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Grammar Bytes

Want to brush up on your grammar skills? Need help teaching grammar? Welcome to Grammar Bytes where you can learn all about grammar!

Click Enter to get into the main page of the site where you’ll have the option to check out Terms, Exercises, Handouts, and Presentations.

Terms – you can click on the two highlighted terms (abstract nouns and verbs) to get started or click the word Terms or the picture of a book to get the entire listing. Each term will be defined for you, and have excellent examples of how it is used.

Exercises – this is where you’ll go to find ways to practice what you have learned. There are tons of exercises to practice in nine different categories.
Handouts – you’ll notice that when you go through the exercises they say that you can keep track of your answers on the handouts. Well, this is where you’ll find the handouts.

Presentations – here you’ll find presentations from which you can teach grammar. You’ll find a link to the handout you need for that presentation, a Power Point, and in some cases a flash version of the presentation.

This site is an amazing grammar resource. Check it out today!