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Graphic Headers for Word

Graphic Headers for Word

Okay, so yesterday we discussed the placement of graphics (for example, company logos) into the header of an MS Excel worksheet.

Now, if you’re a Word user, you may have wanted that same ability in your documents and you may have took the initiative to look for that Insert Picture button found in Excel’s custom header window.

But, when the Header/Footer toolbar opened, you didn’t find the button, did you?

So, what now?

Well, believe it or not, but it’s no more difficult to insert the logo into a Word header (or footer, for that matter) than it is in the body of the document.

That’s right! It’s basically the same process, but let’s review it to make sure everyone is up to speed.

First, you need to get into the header/footer section.

If you already have an established header or footer and are in the Print Layout View, you can quickly double click in that area and it will become active for editing.

Otherwise, you can use the View menu, Header/Footer choice.

Either way, with the header open, you can proceed with the graphic insertion.

With the cursor in the header, go to the Insert menu, Picture submenu and then select what type of graphic you’re inserting.

Find your graphic and insert it as you would any other time.

Close the header.


Your logo is now in the header (or footer), just as you imagined!

~ April