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Grave Addiction

This site contains photos of cemeteries, haunted places, abandoned buildings, and historical parks that the site’s author has visited.

It is divided by categories:

Cemeteries — You can browse this section in two ways. One, just scroll down and click the links that you fancy taking a look at or two, you can browse by County/State, City/State, Haunted Cemeteries, or Top 50 which are linked at the top of the page. There are 291 cemeteries that you can browse through so you might be in this section a while. I chose to browse by Haunted Cemeteries for my exploration of the section.

I was amazed first by how many from Ohio were listed—this means I can go visit them this summer and check them out for a nice adventure. Secondly I was amazed by how detailed some of these accounts are. I recommend in the Haunted section to check out “Mary Jane’s Grave (Lucas, Ohio)” where you’ll find a long and interesting bunch of information on it that was really a great read. Use the option box to select what photos you want to view.

Haunted Places — Here you will find a listing and photos from Haunted places like Alcatraz, Oak Alley Plantation, Mudhouse Mansion, and many more. Again they come with detailed accountings of what the hauntings supposedly are. Some even have links where you can get more information about the location.

Abandoned Buildings — This list is a lot shorter, but is still interesting so I wouldn’t discount it as something you should dismiss, I thought it was worth a look.

Historical Parks — This is another large list. Check out these places, some of the photos are really neat. This can also give you summer travel ideas.

There is a lot more to this site, so take your time, and wander carefully.