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Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

Growing up near the great lakes I’ve had quite the love affair with lighthouses and boats. I can remember going to down to the beach and looking out over Lake Erie and watching the different boats come and go. Or driving over the bridge near downtown Lorain and seeing what freighter was docked and what wonder what was being delivered.

Here at Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping you can now get a closer look at those freighters, and dig a little deeper into their history. There are several ways to navigate the site. You can use the left side menu, click the pictures in the middle Special Features column, or click on any of the links the right side of the page.

I started with the second image in the middle column for the New Feature Historical Perspectives. There I found a monthly pictorial of lake boat form the past.  I loved this section – each month there is a gallery of images posted of one particular boat or shipping line that is filled with awesome images from their past. Some of the images date back to 1897, 1905, and 1906. You have to check this section out! It is so neat!

My next stop was the Photo Galleries link from the left side menu. Click it and you’ll be whisked the gallery directory where you can check out all sorts of different boats. The categories to be found here are: Original Photo Gallery, Previous “Photo of the Week” Featured Images, The Fleet Photo Gallery, Foreign Ship Data and Photo Gallery, The Tug/Work Boat Gallery, Lighthouse Gallery (hurray!), News Thumb Gallery, Public Photo Gallery, The Fish Tug Gallery, The Ferries & Passenger / Excursion Vessel Gallery, The Historical Perspective Gallery, and Marine Historical Society of Detroit Gallery. That is a ton of awesome photos to check out!

The galleries are just the tip of the iceberg here. You’ll find links to great museums, information on different kinds of ships in Facts and Figures, as well as the latest news  in the News Channel section.

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