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Green Home Guide

Green Home Guide [1]

Do you have questions about making your home more environmentally friendly? Are you trying to find a green professional in your area to do work on your home? Do you want to read articles on learning how to make your home greener? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

The first things you might notice when you come to the site are the five featured questions on the main page (that automatically scroll through). They serve as excellent examples of the kinds of questions you might have and you might want to ask at this site.

The next thing I noticed was the navigation strip with the categories: Know How, Ask a Pro, Find a Pro, and Residential Programs. These all seem like great places to start.

But if you’re looking to find a pro in your area, you can do that right from the main page. Just enter your city and state, or zip code, and click Submit. And a listing for your area will come up!

I found the Know How articles to be the most helpful. You’ll find tips there like how to pick out environmentally safe paint for your home, or how to make your roof more energy efficient.

I think this is a great site to check out if you have green questions about improving your home or if you want to find someone who does environmentally friendly work in your area!

http://greenhomeguide.com/ [1]