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Grid Be Gone

Grid Be Gone

When you open MS Word, do you find yourself looking at something like this:

You may not know how it got there or why, but you do know you want it gone! You just want a blank page when you open Word and I really can’t blame you. But, just for the record, they’re your drawing grid lines and they’re there for alignment purposes when you’re laying out a document.

If you’ve found yourself in that dilemma, as one reader did, the question becomes: “How do I remove the grid?” Well, the answer to that depends on the version of Word you’re using.

First, let’s start with Word 2007, because that’s the version where it seems you’re most likely to accidentally turn on the grid.

That should do it for you!

Now, for the rest of you, it’s a bit more complicated.

Poof. The grid is now a distant memory!

~ April