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GridMove is a windows utility that neatens up your desktop, even across multiple monitors. One program occupying the entire screen consumes more pixels. Even when you are multitasking, ALT+TABs can be saved by making multiple Windows get the display at the same time. This utility lets you to snap a window to a visual grid on your desktop.


Predefined Templates:
GridMove has number of predefined grid templates. You can swap these grid templates, make customized grids and can also use grids created by others. It was first developed for large monitors to allow more than one window on the screen. Apart from having three to four window arrangements, you can have grids with adjustable sized cells which will accommodate grids with more intricate designs.

GridMove`s 3-part template displaying three windows at once

4 ways to move Window:
You can move a window into the grid in four ways. You can middle click the window, drag it to the corner of the screen, click the left portion of the title bar, and also use hotkeys mapped to the Windows key. GridMove allows you to easily move and resize windows through the drag and drop function. The display can be generated both in cascade and mosaic modes. It keeps the windows organized and neat by making the best use of windows space.


Simple Interaction methods:
GridMove offers 3 simple interaction methods. It’s intuitive and helps you to improve your workflow, too. It is also fully expandable. This is due to the new function that allows a custom grid to include elements that can run any local file. The windows can be maximized both horizontally and vertically. It supports more than one monitor. You can even create dynamic custom grids.

Check it out here:

~Natarajan Kumaraswami