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Grimm Brothers

Grimm Brothers [1]

National Geographic brings you the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, from Folklore to Forever. This site is a treasure. Here you can find 12 of the Grimms Fairy Tales from an early 1914 translation, so expect them to be gruesome. Here’s a quote from the site:

“Once they saw how the tales bewitched young readers, the Grimms, and editors aplenty after them, started ‘fixing’ things. Tales gradually got softer, sweeter, and primly moral. Yet all the polishing never rubbed away the solid heart of the stories, now read and loved in more than 160 languages.”

Click “tell me a story” to begin your journey. This will present you with three story choices, or you can click on the locked box and pull up a menu for your navigation delights. Choose a story to begin. You can also read up on the Grimm Brothers and how they got started. Enjoy!

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/grimm/ [1]