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Please explain to me what Gspace is. I’ve found some information about it online, but I still can’t get a complete grasp as to what it is. Thank you!

Well, it just so happens that I can do that! It actually goes along perfect with yesterday’s Q&A, because Gspace is another great Firefox extension. You Firefox users are really getting a workout this week, huh?! So, if you use Firefox as your main Web browser and you love adding cool little extensions to it, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this one too. I have a feeling you’re going to love it. Let’s check it out!

Now, along with Gspace being for Firefox, it also works closely with Gmail. (I guess we could say that if you use Firefox and Gmail both, this tip must have been hand picked for you!) Alright, basically, Gspace allows you to further the 2 GB of space you get in your Gmail e-mail account already even more. This is done by offering that space to you as an area for file storage

If that sounds good to you so far, wait until you hear everything else! Gspace actually acts as an online drive for you. With it that way, you can upload files from your computer’s hard drive and have access to them from any other working computer (that is, as long as it has an Internet connection). And best of all, Gspace is 100 percent free. That’s all pretty darn cool, isn’t it?!

With Gspace, you can store any type of file, including documents, music files, videos, pictures and anything else you can think of. Now, you may be thinking that Gspace sounds an awful lot like Gdrive, but as I said earlier, Gspace is only available for the Firefox Web browser, where as, Gdrive works in other browsers as well. Gspace is nice also, since it works right along with your Gmail account. It’s so much more convenient that way.

Gspace also has a very user friendly interface to work with and you can start to take advantage of it all just by downloading it. To do that, go here [1] and click on your operating system. It works with Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. When the installation screen comes up, click on the Install button and once it’s done, it will be directly added to your list of Firefox extensions. You can access it from that or even through your Programs list. Either way, once you’re all done with that, you can start to enjoy all that Gspace has to offer.

Alright, once you have Gspace installed, open up your Firefox browser and go to Tools, Gspace. Its main screen will then appear. Remember, you will need a Gmail account for this to work. You can set up as many as you want, with each having 2 GB of space. So, if you have a lot of files you want to store with Gspace, you may want to consider opening more than one Gmail account. (If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for one).

When you’re ready, log in to your Gmail account and start storing your data. You will use your Gmail and the Gspace console together to get that done, which is divided into four different areas: My Computer, My Gspace, Transfers and Status. Once you’re all set up, you can enjoy all of the Gspace features, including file transfers, player mode for your music and the photo mode for your pictures. It’s all covered!

If you’re having any trouble getting the hang of Gspace, they do have an FAQs page that you can visit for answers. That’s available by clicking right here [2]. Once you’ve got a handle on it, I think Gspace will be one of your new best friends. It’s at least worth a look see, don’t you think?! Check it out today!

~ Erin