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Guide to viral marketing

Viral Marketing has become a magic word lately. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a variety of other platforms to choose from, there is effortless availability of user-generated content on the internet, creating an easy gateway for marketers to capture potential customers. Viral marketing succeeds when it is made sure that an idea or message that has to be popularized spreads through viewers in no time. However, here is some advice on how to launch a viral marketing strategy and make sure it is successful.

Appeal matters
The easier it is for people to share a piece of information, the more rapidly it will be spread by them. Your content must be easily accessible. It should be for us to link with, as in, it must be made available on social networking websites and bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, as well as StumbleUpon and Digg respectively. When the content is so easily available, then nothing can stop it from promulgating and getting popular.


Value addition is a must
Your content should be such that the information that people procure is used by them in their daily life. It has to be made utilitarian.


Targetting right
Recognize the people who are actually looking for the kind of product you are selling. You have to capitalize on those people as they are your real clients. If your viewership is 5 million people, then what is the use if only a handful of them are actually planning on investing in your product? This means that your marketing campaign is bound to fail. Hence, target towards the right demographic.

Element of surprise
When you tell people something that has the potential to surprise them, then it will stay etched in their mind for a long time. Understand this fact and try to make your stratagem in such a way that it takes the viewers by surprise. Expose the characteristics of your product by projecting them in an unusual way that will come as a surprise for the people watching and thus facilitate its spread.


Make the most of other’s fame
Combining the qualities of your product with promos or already existing products related to yours will accelerate its gain of popularity. I had a friend who was a rapper. He had uploaded several of his videos on YouTube, but until he started making cover versions and remixes of songs that were already very famous, his videos had a viewership of zilch. It instantly catapulted him into fame. Use this formula in your marketing.

Keep it interactive
Construct your content in such a way and incorporate it in the matrix of a system that gives its viewers the freedom to post their views, opinions and comments on that platform itself. By doing this, you will know exactly what the people think of your product, and you will have a vivid idea of the extent of audience you have actually managed to bag.


Abhor ads
When an advertisement is made, it should either be about a product that is already very popular and the ad is to showcase an improvement in the already existing product; or it should be about a product that is not worth but the promotional video is really interesting. Pure advertisements haven’t been too successful in marketing a product. It should be made sure that the advertisement is smart, even if the product may not be so.

Leave room for creativity
There are several products that have several versions. What we are saying is that once a product has been launched usually several improvisations are made and it is launched as a newer version. A good example are Apple products. The iPhone is immensely popular now because its applications were repeatedly improved over a period of time. Even websites such as Facebook keep adding newer activities and applications every day. With the increase in the applications there will definitely be inflation in the number of people who start to check out these products from word-of mouth. Users must be allowed to make improvements in products and exhibit their ideas. The modifications can be evaluated and then allowed to be applied.

VM platforms
On applying the above tips in your plan, you can confidently march towards the successful implementation of your marketing strategy and a profitable market for your product. In order to do this, however, you need a window that will display your content and buy attention. Social networks, blogging sites, electronic mails and other websites where people get in touch with each other are the places where you can show your product to people and get them interested in what you have to sell. Such websites are where people are always logged on and their attention can easily be caught. This is how your product will sell at a good speed. You can be sure that your advertisement of content will be viewed every single time it is flashed on the screen.

Social bookmarking and networking
Huge bytes of data are constantly on the move between people through these platforms. By using these websites it will be easier for you to enhance the magnitude of audience that you have. Millions of people sign up to these networks everyday, and there is rapid sharing of content between them. By letting your content flow parallel to the content that is already being exchanged, you can sell your product. Similarly, popular blogs and video-sharing sites like YouTube work wonders.

Email and mobiles
Viral messages are sent by forwarding mails to people in your contact list. Internet is readily available through the GPRS application that mobile phones come with. So it is not only through the desktop or laptop -your content will start to sell even through the billions of mobile users that exist!

~Zahid Javali