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Hand Embroidery Tutorials

This has certainly been the summer of amazing craft sites! I’m so floored that the Internet is yielding up such amazing crafting resources. I was working on a crochet purse and the pattern called for some hand embroidery as an embellishment that I had absolutely no idea how to do, so I started searching!

And I found this site! It offers amazing tutorials on hand embroidery that takes you stitch by stitch with excellent instructions and photographs.

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the latest tutorial on the main page, with a navigation menu above it, and navigation options to the right of the page. On the menu you’ll find: Embroidery Home, Stitch and Stitch Families, Hand Embroidery, Reference, and Misc. If you mouse over these headings a drop down list will appear that will allow you to browse the options for that category.

On the side menu, you’ll find links to the basic stitches that you need to master to really get started. If you click on the different stitch families under basic stitches, you’ll find a listing of all the stitches that fall into that category. Just click on them to go to that tutorial.

I adore the Hand Embroidery section. You have to check it out, you’ll find information on: Redwork, Pattern Darning, Zalakdozi, Kasuti, and Chicken Scratch. These are different types of embroidery. You’ll get to see an example of what they look like, how and where they originated, the history of that particular style, and what stitches that style consists of. You’ll even find instructions for how to try your hand at each style. I particularly loved the redwork (and the bluework). If you look under Reference and select Embroidery and Stitch Origins, you can see a map of the world with pins where each style is said to have originated! I thought that was pretty cool.

This is another great needlework site that I hope you’ll enjoy! Check it out today!

http://www.embroidery.rocksea.org/ [1]