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Welcome to a collector’s guide of vintage handcuffs. Before visiting this site I knew that handcuffs were a collectable item—I’ve been to some of the local gun and knife shows and you can find everything from guns and knives, to stamps, jewelry, army memorabilia and much more and I’ve seen some great cuff collections. But they were quite small after looking through the gallery here, especially when you throw in the other sections of the galleries: leg chains, nippers, and thumb cuffs. This made me really want to know the history behind them.

To start learning about he history of handcuffs just scroll down the page to the section labeled “Handcuff Companies & their Wares”. Under this heading you will learn some of the history of handcuffs as well as how profitable they were for some companies.

A really neat section of this site is the “Escape Artists and their Craft”. Here you can learn about escape artists from the famous to the relatively unknown and you may even learn something about escapology yourself.

Other great section include the forum, the archived forum, and interviews.

After checking this out can you answer the site owner’s question? If you want to know what the puzzle is, go to the section “A Puzzle for Experts”. I got five of them right. How will you do?

Once you get into this site it’s hard to escape.

http://www.handcuffs.org/ [1]