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Hate E-mail that comes in ALL CAPS.

You know what I hate? E-mails that come in all caps. THEY DRIVE ME NUTS! How can I fix them?

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across an E-mail Caps Lock Zapper program, but there is a fix if you have WordPerfect or MS Word. First, you must copy the portion of e-mail text you want to de-capitalize and paste it into Word or WordPerfect. NOTE: With Word 2000 and newer you must have the program open before you cut & paste.

For more on Copy and Pasting, check out…

Now, here’s how to de-capitalize in each program:

MS Word:

1. Highlight the text you want to have de-capitalized.

2. Click the Format menu and select Change Case .

3. A little screen will pop-up that allows you to select what case you want. Sentence Case is probably the most appropriate.

Here’s an MS Word Example:




1. Highlight the text you want to have de-capitalized.

2. Click the Edit menu and select Convert Case .

3. A sub menu will give you some case changing options. You’ll probably want ” lowercase .”

That’s it. Easy reading from now on. Now, if we could just remove that CAPS LOCK key off the keyboard…

~ Steve

PS: We don’t mean to offend the ALL CAPS-ERS out there. Some of you may live in countries where the government can come into your home and rip out your Caps Lock key, but most of you breathe the fresh air of freedom when you log on. You have every right to type however you want and YELL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN.