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Headers and Footers?

Headers and Footers?

What exactly is a header or footer?

I think that the MS Office Assistant gives the best definition for headers and footers. According to that cute little guy in the help window:

“A header or footer is text or graphics—such as a page number, the date, or a company logo—that is usually printed at the top or bottom of each page in a document. A header is printed in the top margin; a footer is printed in the bottom margin.”

These little creatures, printed in the top and bottom margins, can be quite helpful.

I use headers for titles or other information that rarely changes at the top of documents. For example, you could set up a template with a company logo, address, etc. in the header. Then when you open the template, the header is in place and you can begin your letter without trying to space down below the logo and other stuff. It also reduces the chance of accidental erasure or changes to the information since you would have to specifically get into the header to make the changes.

Often I find myself using footers to record revision dates, page numbers and file names so I can find the file again.

There you go – headers and footers in a nutshell. Let’s move on to the topic of accessing headers and footers.