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Help! Can’t Access Windows App Store

John writes:

I have Windows 8 Pro but I can not access the Store. I have searched high and low. It appears all my updates are current. My store tile is color green and has 17 in lower right corner. I ran windows compatibility and all seems in order. Any suggestions or help?  

Uh oh, John. That is a problem. You have 17 uninstalled app updates and some of those could be important. Also without access to the store, you can’t upgrade to Windows 8.1

First, try typing Store in the Search Charm and see if it works from there.

If it won’t, Microsoft has an app troubleshooter available and I’d suggest downloading and running it. Click here to download. [1]

Hopefully that will address your issues. It’s very important for Windows 8 users to check the app store for updates and install the needed ones on  a regular basis.

~ Cynthia