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Help! Copy/Paste Isn’t Working

Question: My copy/paste operation has failed. Is there a way to fix it? HP Pavillion Windws 7 Home Premium.

Answer: I’m not sure what type of copy/paste operation you’re trying to perform, but I can think of one possibility. The clipboard used in Word and Excel will only hold up to 24 items, and it may not be allowing you to perform that function if you have more than 24 items. In Word, go to Home and click the little arrow below the upper left-hand corner.



Now you can see the clipboard contents and clear it.



You can also clear your Windows clipboard by typing cmd in the Search Menu and pulling up the Command Prompt.


Once you have the Command Prompt window, type the following: cmd.exe /c “echo off | clip” and hit Enter.

That may take care of your problem. Hope the simple fix works.

~ Cynthia