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Help! External Floppy Drive Won’t Work With Windows 7

Jane from Olmsted Falls, OH writes:

I have commercial embroidery machines that require me to load the stitch file into the computer on the machine on a floppy drive.  I had to upgrade my embroidery software to a new computer.  The new computer runs Windows 7 Professional.  It will not recognize the external floppy drive.  Is there something I can do to have the drive recognized?  Without the external Floppy drive, I have to go through several steps that would be easier with the computer recognizing the drive. Thanks for your help.

Jane, you don’t say what brand of external floppy drive you have, but I would suggest going to the manufacturer’s website or calling customer support to see if you can download Windows 7 drivers for that device. If no drivers are available for that particular device, you should still be able to purchase an external floppy drive that is compatible with Windows 7, but make sure to check before make the purchase.

~ Cynthia