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Help from Microsoft

Is there some way that I can obtain Microsoft help without calling and waiting on hold until my computer becomes even more outdated than it already is?

Yes! The most under used resource available for free to every computer user is the Microsoft Help and Support Center.

Should you encounter a problem or desire to accomplish a task and don’t know the procedure or method to do so, try the Help system that is part of virtually every application on your computer including the Operating System

Access Windows Help by clicking on Start , then click on Help .You can also access context sensitive Help by pressing F1. Context sensitive means that the Help screen that opens will be related to whatever you were doing or wherever the mouse pointer was clicked last.

image Windows 98

image Windows XP

Pressing F1 or clicking the ? on a toolbar in MS Office applications opens an Assistant screen. Enter a question and the Assistant will provide one or more possible solutions.

Help on the Menu Bar (usually the top bar just under the title, with File, Edit, View, etc.) opens the Help System in any application that provides on-line help.

Some applications place a question mark (?) near the Min-Max-Close buttons in the upper right corner of a window. When it’s there, you can click on the “?” then click on a an item of interest in that window and an explanation of the item pops-up, if available.

Check out the tip below to find out more on the basics of navigating through the Help system.

— Randy Higginbotham, Moses Lake, WA