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Help! My Computer Won’t Stay In Sleep Mode

Ken from Kimberley B.C. writes:

I bought a store built desk top recently loaded with a new copy of 7, and right from new, it doesn’t want to stay in the sleep mode. I have gone through my power options and nothing seems to work. Even clicking on “sleep”, it only shuts off for a few seconds, then comes back on. Help!


Answer: It’s possible that a device or program running on your computer is waking it from slumber. Go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel.



From the Control Panel select Hardware and Sound.



Now select Power Options and choose Change when the computer sleeps.



When the new window opens, select Change advanced power settings.


About halfway down the list of options, you will find Sleep. Click on the plus sign beside it to get a list of further options. Now click the plus sign next to Allow wake timers.


Choose the option to Disable wake timers.




If that doesn’t correct the issue, you may be able to find out what keeps waking up your PC by opening the Start Menu and pulling up the Command Prompt by typing cmd followed by hitting enter. Once you have the command prompt, type in powercfg -lastwake and pressing enter


That should bring up a Wake History Count and tell you what keeps waking up your computer.



Hope this helps your computer with its insomnia.

~ Cynthia