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Help! My Desktop Icons Won’t Work!

Dan writes:

My desktop & taskbar icons do not open properly. they have an LNK extension and have a spreadsheet icon which they open up to or say they can’t open. The first thing I see  is a box asking if I want to allow MS corp to make changes. I have a Toshiba laptop running win7.

It looks like the file associations for your icons have been changed from their respective programs to where they attempt to launch your spreadsheet program instead.This may be because the associations have been broken by a program improperly changing the registry or because the association has become corrupted in your registry.

If this were just one or two programs, you  could try to reset your default programs by typing Default Programs in your start menu search box and clicking on the icon. Then select Set your default programs.

Then you could find the program or programs that won’t open and change their associations by selecting the program and then choosing Set this program as a default or Choose defaults for this program.

But since all of your icons are affected, you may need to fix this issue in the registry. Fortunately, Microsoft has a fix available for the issue. Click here [1], and then  double-click the zipvista.reg file.

It will add some entries to registries and then restart your computer. This fix works on both Vista and Windows 7 systems.

~ Cynthia