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Help! My Facebook Recipes Disappeared

Georgie Ann from Greenup writes:

I like to save recipes from Facebook by posting them to my wall. I went back to look for some and I couldn’t find them at all. Where did they go? I did just like the instructions said and shared them and that said it would save it. What happened?

Many of us have seen those tempting recipes that advise us to share a photo to save it to our Facebook timeline.

So, after some time passes, you might decide to go back and look for that recipe. You head on over to your timeline by clicking on your name up at the top of the page.

Select the time frame, you’d like to search for your post in over on the right.

Up at the top of your timeline, you’ll notice Highlights in a very small type with a drop-down menu beside it.

¬†Click the arrow and you’ll see the option to view all stories.

Check for those recipes now. Are they there? If not, there’s another possibility. When you share something and it posts to your timeline, you really aren’t saving it permanently. If the person who originally posted that photo or link decides to delete it at a later date or perhaps their Facebook account were to be deleted, that item would disappear.

So if I posted a photo detailing my recipe for slow cooker chicken barbecue and 800 people shared it and I five months later decided to delete that post -it would disappear from all of those people’s timelines.

If you really want to save a recipe from Facebook for good, you’ll need to save the photo and copy the text. I detailed the steps in this article. [1]

~ Cynthia