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Help! My Gmail Shortcut Is Gone

Connie from Youngstown writes:

As my secondary email I had a g-mail addres, I also had an icon on my desktop, now it is not there and I can’t get it back, even tho’ I have Google chrome on my desktop.
Please help me to find it.

If it’s a secondary e-mail address and doesn’t get much use, it’s possible it could have been removed as part of a computer clean up to remove unused icons from the desktop. We just need to get the shortcut for your Gmail back on your desk top. Fortunately, it’s not that hard.

Since you say you have Chrome, there’s a super-way to do it. Open up your Gmail in Google Chrome and  select tools from the menu followed by Application shortcuts.

You can create a shortcut for your desktop, start menu or pin it to the task bar. I like pinning mail to the taskbar.

If you don’t have Chrome, open your Gmail in your browser and copy the address at the top of your browser by highlighting it and pressing either Ctrl + C or right-clicking and selecting Copy.

Now go to your desktop and right-click in a blank spot and choose New followed by Shortcut.

Paste your link in the box to create a shortcut by pressing Ctrl + V or right-clicking and selecting Paste.

Select Desktop as the target of your shortcut. Then select next.

 Name your shortcut and select finish.

 ~ Cynthia