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Help! My Homepage Has Been Hijacked By Conduit!

Rebecca in Missouri writes:

I have Windows 7 Home Premium as my OS, and I have a news site I like as my homepage, however, it keeps resetting to a generic search engine called conduit.com.  I reset the homepage everyday as my only homepage, yet the next time I go to it, the generic is up again.  How can I reset this permanently and block out this reset?

Rebecca, this is a fairly common problem. You seem to have been hijacked. While the conduit search page isn’t a virus, most users are entrapped by it being added on to advertisements or downloads that people innocently click on.

I covered how to handle this issue with Eazel last week and the method is still the same.  Click here for the article. [1] The only difference is that you’ll be looking for the Conduit Community Toolbar instead of Eazel.

~ Cynthia