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Help! Old Password Just Won’t Go Away In Chrome!

John from Cincinnati writes:

I use Google Chrome as my web browser on Windows 7 Home Premium, all up to date.  My public library has a URL where I can logon and work with my books (renew, request, etc.).  I recently got a new account name [userid]. When I am logged in to Windows with my Standard account, I find my old userid filled in.

Using Chrome Settings I cleaned out all cookies, cleared browsing data, did everything I could think of to remove the old userid. 

No luck.  I can, of course, replace that id with the new userid and proceed.  But that’s a nuisance.  And besides. When I am logged in to Windows with my Administrator account, on the same computer, I get a login screen that is not filled in at all.  [I did not try to set the Administrator account to provide the userid and password.] Any ideas where that userid and password could be lurking for my Standard Windows User account?  I’m convinced it is not in Chrome.

THANKS for your help!

John, I see you’ve already done a lot of your own troubleshooting. But maybe we can help.  Let’s start with Chrome. I know say you’ve cleaned out your settings etc… But in case you missed something and for the benefit of others who aren’t familiar with the process, we’ll go over the steps.

Click the Chrome menu in the upper-right corner of your browser.


From the drop-down menu choose Settings.


The Chrome Settings Window will open. Look all the way down to the very bottom of the page.


Choose Show advanced settings.

Scroll down to Passwords and forms and click on Manage saved passwords.

You’ll see a list of saved passwords.

Hover over the password you’d like to remove and click the X that appears to the right.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue,  click here [1] for an article that explains how to use Windows Credentials Manager to manage your passwords.

Hopefully one of these solutions takes care of the problem for you.

~ Cynthia