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HeyPublisher for Hassle-Free Submissions

If you own a WordPress blog or a website and want writers to submit their articles, poems, short stories or blog posts, the traditional way is to create a WordPress account for the writer. But here is a better way to do it. Just download the HeyPublisher WordPress plugin [1] and you are good to go. This method works if you have WordPress Version 2.8.6 or higher, since it allows for automatic updates right inside your WordPress account rather than going into your Cpanel account.

–  Go to Appearance/Plugin/Add new and search for ‘HeyPublisher Submission Manager’ as shown below. This five-star rated plugin allows you to accept unsolicited submissions from users who have not registered with you. All they have to do is register with HeyPublisher who will give them an account and a list of publishers they can write for. So the moment, you download their plugin, your name also appears in their database of publishers. So not only are you making things a lot more convenient, you are also making the most of the writers database available with HeyPublisher.


– Click on ‘Install Now’ and key in your FTP password and click on ‘proceed’ to install and activate the plugin.


– Validate your HeyPublisher account by giving your email ID and password.

– Fill in details as shown below for various boxes like Publication, Contact, Submission, Notification and Miscellaneous. These will want inputs like editor’s email ID, site traffic per month, submission form, submission guidelines and submission criteria as shown below. It will also create a Submission Form for you based on the inputs you’ve made. Once you’ve filled in all the relevant details, this is how the form will look like to your writers. You could go in the ‘Pages’ section and edit the title to something like ‘Write for us’ to make it more easy to understand.




Best of luck, Mr. Editor!

~Zahid H Javali