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Hide Excel errors for print

Sometimes when working with Excel we end up with those dreaded errors – you know – the formulas that just aren’t working out.

They’re a pain, especially when we can’t seem to figure out what we did wrong, but they’re a part of our reality when it comes to Excel. And, while we have to deal with them in our worksheets, we can choose to hide them on our printouts.

By default Excel prints errors but you do have control over that if you know where to look.

The choices for how Excel treats errors when printing are found in the Page Setup dialog box on the Sheet tab.

Excel 2007 users should start on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.

In the Page Setup section click the dialog launcher in the bottom right corner of the section.


For those of you with older versions of Excel will need the File menu, Page Setup choice.

Once you’re on the Sheet tab you need to locate the drop-down list of choices in the Print section labeled “Cell errors as“.


From the list choose what you want to have Excel put on printouts where errors still exist.

Click OK.

Now you’re ready to print. Whether you chose a blank, double dashes, #N/A or left it set to the default your printout is now as you choose – allowing you to “hide your errors” whenever you like.