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Hide Ms Outlook when Minimized

If you’re like me then you have multiple programs continually running and the task bar gets pretty full, pretty fast.

After a while there’s so much going on that it feels a bit overwhelming.

Well, here’s an Outlook trick that can help with that particular feeling.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the Outlook icon in the Windows notification area of the Taskbar and if you’re like most people I know you really didn’t pay it much attention figuring that it had some mysterious purpose.


It turns out that you were half correct. It does have several purposes but they’re not so mysterious.

If you click on the icon you’ll find that a small menu of choices opens.


As you can see, there are several things it can do for you but what I’d like to address is the “Hide When Minimized” choice.

In my opinion, this one is pretty cool.

If you choose to minimize your Outlook window then it will become hidden instead of landing on the already too-crowded Taskbar.

You’ll know that Outlook is running, the icon wouldn’t be there otherwise, and a simple double-click on the icon will take you back to Outlook quick, quick, quick!