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Hide your E-mail Address with Whspr

If you manage an online work schedule and spend a lot of time surfing the internet, there are high chances that you get spam emails every day.

Spam emails directly affect your productivity – you spend quite a few minutes reading the subject lines, the message body and then delete it from your inbox.
There is a simple way to deal with email spam – do not share your email address with people you don’t trust.

You must be thinking – “Now wait a second, I can’t afford to hide my email address when a prospect walks in, how can I share my email address and yet reduce email spam at the same time?”

Whspr [1] is the answer! It’s a site that lets you create email aliases so that you can share an email alias with anyone, while keeping your real email address “private”.

The idea is very simple – you use the Whspr service to create an email address in the form of http://whspr.me/XXX. This email alias is nothing but a pointer to your real email address (let’s say johnsmith@gmail.com). Whenever you want to share your real email address with anyone, just give him the email alias.

After some days, if you continue to get spam emails from the person with whom you shared your email address – simply delete your email alias. Hence, your real email address is kept private while you can share a contact address with anyone on the internet.

Let’s learn how you can create an email alias using the Whspr website:

1. Go to the home page of Whspr and enter your real email address in the text box, as shown below:


2. Enter the expiration time of your email alias in the “Expire in” textbox. The expiry time can be set for any period of time – say one week or 6 months.

3. Now hit the “Create my Whspr” button and you are done! The site will instantly create a random email alias and show you the address, as shown below:


4. Take note of this email alias because you will use this address to share your email address privately.

Whenever you want to share your email address with anyone, just send them the address of your email alias. The person who wants to contact you will see the following interface:


To send an email to you, all one needs is to enter the message and his email address in the respective fields and hit “Send”. You will receive the message in your inbox instantly.

The email message which you will receive looks like any other email, as shown below


The sender of this email never sees your real email address.

This is very useful when you are sharing information in social networking sites, forums , blogs or in any other website which is “public”. Consider a situation where someone asks for your email address in an open forum thread.

You don’t want to expose your email address, yet want to build a relationship with the person.

In such situations, the email alias trick will come in handy. There are no limitations on the number of email alias you can create with Whspr.

Do you care about your email privacy?

~Amit Banerjee