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Hide/Unhide Excel Key Combinations

Hide/Unhide Excel Key Combinations

Do you find yourself hiding data in MS Excel? Maybe using the Format menu, Row or Column sub-menus and then the Hide or Unhide choices? Or, maybe you prefer the old right click menu.

All of those are excellent techniques for making necessary data “invisible.” They allow you to organize your worksheet the way you want and yet, easily display only the necessary information.

Those methods work well and are great for people who have trouble remembering keyboard combinations. But, for those of you who prefer not to use the mouse, there can be a faster way!

To begin, you need to highlight a cell in each row or column that you wish to hide. (Remember, you don’t need a mouse for this either. Just simply hold down the Shift key to start the highlight and use the arrows to select several cells).

Now, use the appropriate key combination:

Poof! The columns/rows are now invisible!

Need to unhide your data?

Yes? That’s good, because we really need to learn how to undo what we’ve done.

Here’s all you need to do:

Highlight two cells, one on either side of the hidden row(s) or column(s).

Again, simply choose the appropriate key combination:

There you have it. Entire rows or columns hidden, without a mouse in hand!

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