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Hiding Protected System Files

Dave from New Albany, OR asks:

How can I keep the desktop ini icon from popping onto the desktop and other locations? I delete it and pretty soon it’s back.

Dave, thanks for the question. What you need to do is hide these icons (shown below).

Windows keeps these hidden by default to prevent them, and other files like them, from being edited or deleted. Somehow, your settings must have been changed. No problem. We’ll just change them back, by changing the view settings in Folder Options. There are a couple ways to get there. In Vista and Windows 7, the easiest way is to type folder options into the Start search and click on the Folder Options link.

You can also open Windows Explorer and click the Organize button. A quick way to get to Windows Explorer is to hold the Windows key and tap the E key (Win+E). Then, from the Organize menu, click on Folder and search options. If you’re using XP, instead of Organize, you want the Tools menu. In there, you’ll find Folder Options.

In the Folder Options dialog box that appears, click on the View tab and scroll down to Hide protected operating system files (recommended). Place a check mark in the box and then click Apply and OK.

When you return to your desktop, the icons should be gone from view.