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I know there are a lot of travel sites out there that want to help you find the best price on flights and hotels, but Hipmunk is different. Not only do they show you that but they allow you to sort your results by Agony (for air travel) or Ecstasy (for hotels).  What’s that? Well you’d be right to ask. Agony is the default way that results are sorted and takes into account a combination of price, flight duration, and the number of stopovers. You can also sort your results by Ectasy which is a combination of price amenities, and reviews. That way you get the big picture of what your travel experience is going to be like. 

Before you start searching I suggest checking out the site’s FAQ [1]because it explains how everything works and fields some commonly asked questions that you might have as you go through the process. I always like to check a FAQ out first so that I can more efficiently use a site. 

Once you’ve checked that out head back to the main page. You’ll notice it is setup like most travel sites. You select where you’re departing from and where you’ll be arriving at and the dates of your travel. You can also select how many people are traveling and whether they’re adults, children, seniors or infants, as well as  whether you want coach, business, first, or air taxi. It then displays your results in a visual timeline that is easy to make sense out of.  

As I was putting in different places to travel, I did a search for departure from Toledo, OH to Chicago, IL and Hipmunk even displays train travel! Another cool feature is the ability to sync with Google Calendar.  Then you can see your travel information with your event information. Pretty cool, right?

http://www.hipmunk.com/ [2]