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History Eraser for Android

In the WorldStart article, Clear Android Applications Cache to Improve Performance [1], the author provided valuable advice about clearing unnecessary app cache clutter from Android phones. However, there’s an easier way to achieve that (and more). The free app, History Eraser, cleans the app cache, along with all the items displayed in the image below. And all of this memory and space is cleared with one click.

Anything checked on the list will be cleared. The default setting includes everything but SMS/MMS (text messaging files). Just check or uncheck your selections, and tap the green Clean button at the bottom. Tapping the check box to the right of the Clean button selects all items.


For my first cleaning, the SMS/MMS boxes were left unchecked.

I’m fortunate to have a phone with an abundance of storage space, and it’s cleaned regularly, so I didn’t expect to notice much change. And that’s the way it appeared, until the seemingly incremental amount of savings were crunched by an online converter [2]. There was 26.09GB of available storage before cleaning, and 26.13GB afterwards. This–according to the converter–translated to 40.96MB of extra space.



After clearing the SMS/MMS files, the available space increased to 26.22GB, saving me–again according to the converter–a whopping grand total 133.12MB of space.



Before using this tool, consider what information you’re willing to lose. Do any of those texts contain irreplaceable photos? Is there helpful search history in your browser that you’d like to keep? For that reason, a confirmation dialog requires approval before cleaning is completed. When you’re ready to commit, tap the Do It button at the bottom.


To access the settings, tap the gear icon in the lower left corner.


And then, tap the Setting button.


Settings are displayed below.


Again, in the phone used for this demonstration, the storage savings may seem meager but, for someone less stingy with their storage, or someone with inherent space limitations, these savings could be significant.

History Eraser, which can be found here [3], is described by the developer as, “…similar to CCleaner on the PC…” As CCleaner is the most often used utility on my PC, that’s good enough for me.