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History of Celebrating the New Year

Welcome to the New Year’s page at History.com, where you can discover the history and traditions behind celebrating the arrival of a new year.

When you get to the page, you’ll find a great article that looks briefly at the history of early celebrations, when January 1st became the start of the new year, and the development of New Year’s traditions. Did you know the practice of creating a New Year’s Resolution dates back to the ancient Babylonians?

At the top of the page, you’ll find a selection of videos that are featured; each dealing with a different aspect of New Years or containing interesting facts about the holiday.  Also near the main article you’ll find a section of related topics dealing with the History of the Holidays, Christmas, the Chinese New Year, and New York City. 

You can also check out the More to Explore section above the article that has links to related information like Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt,  Rosh Hashanah, and more! 

This is a great snapshot of the interesting history of the celebration of New Years! Check it out today!

http://www.history.com/topics/new-years [1]