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History World

Welcome to History World, a site whose goal is to make history more accessible through interactive content. The timelines on this site are incredible! They have over 10,000 events categorized, which makes them a joy to interact with.

There are several ways to navigate the site. When I arrived, the featured article was on the History of Writing. The featured articles can be scrolled through by using the next and prev buttons underneath the section. 

To the right of the featured section is a word cloud – click on any word in the cloud to be whisked away to where it is located on the timeline. You can also select to navigate around the site with the menu tabs: Histories, Timelines, Quiz, and More.

Are you looking for a specific event or person in history? You can use the handy search engine at the top right of the page to type in what you are looking for and click the arrow button to start the search.

I explored the site by just diving in and clicking things. I like to let whatever interests me at the moment to guide where I go on sites like this. So, what are you waiting for? Go, explore the site!

http://www.historyworld.net/ [1]